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Unto the Locust CD/DVD + T-Shirt Bundle


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Exclusive Unto The Locust Bundle Includes:
-          Unto The Locust CD/DVD Special Edition Set: Includes 3 Bonus Tracks and Expanded Artwork
-          Unto The Locust Exclusive T-Shirt

Bay Area titans Machine Head return with a blistering new offering, Unto The Locust. The album is packed with true metal anthems from the metal torchbearers, and it's erected upon the band's signature, crunchy guitar tone, pummeling riffage, a thunderstorm of percussion and Flynn's militaristic barks. Deluxe Edition CD/DVD set includes 3 bonus tracks, 60-minute documentary The Making Of Unto The Locust, expanded packaging and more.

1. I Am Hell (Sonata in C#)
I)  Sangre Sani
II) I Am Hell
III) Ashes To The Sky
2. Be Still And Know
3. Locust
4. This Is The End
5. Darkness Within
6. Pearls Before The Swine
7. Who We Are
8. The Sentinel*
9. Witch Hunt*
10. The Darkness Within (Acoustic)*

*Bonus tracks

DVD- The Making of Unto The Locust Documentary

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Machine Head - Unto the Locust Bundle

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